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With, you can get information about a free IP address and as many times as you like. is used to obtain the geolocation of an IP address (longitude and latitude), the city associated with the IP address, the country but also its host. Our system also offers you the possibility of viewing the geolocation location with the Googlemap map.

Your IP address is provided by your ISP and can be fixed or dynamic.

The IP address is composed of 4 numbers from 0 to 255 separated by dots. For example, your IP address is:

This system can currently only obtain information on V4 IP addresses.


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United States

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VA Virginia

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What is my IP addres

Your IP address is automatically provided to you each time your Internet Service Provider (ISP) connects. It is used more precisely to identify you in case of problems.

Your IP address may be fixed or dynamic depending on your Internet Service Provider (ISP). The advantage of a fixed IP address is that you can remotely access the equipment of your home (computer, surveillance cameras, server naz ...).

An IP address is also used to identify a website. Each website has a domain name, for example:, it would of course be difficult to retain each IP address each time you want to access a website. This is why domain names exist.

The most commonly used IP addresses are IP V4. That is to say 4 sets of numbers ranging from 0 to 255 separated by points. Example:

There are also V6 IP addresses in recent years. They are not separated by dots with sets of 6 numbers like the IP V4.

With you can get information about your connection such as geolocation by city and country, but you can also get the host from your IP address.